Cook County Sheriff's Memorial Foundation

In Memoriam

TitleNameEnd of Tour
Investigator James Archibald 07/01/2014
Correctional Sergeant Andrew Martin, Sr. 07/14/2014
Deputy Lieutenant Michael Foster 08/14/2014
Deputy Sheriff Delores King 09/05/2014
Deputy Sheriff Armin J. Lang 09/11/2014
Officer Ann M. Ardolino 09/21/2014
Deputy Sergeant Sue Saviano 09/26/2014
Deputy Sheriff Donald Janosek 10/03/2014
Deputy Sheriff Margaret Mulligan 10/12/2014
Sergeant Eddie Daniels 10/18/2014
Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Mann 11/02/2014
Correctional Officer Noel Cerda 11/28/2014
Correctional Lieutenant Herman Simpson 11/29/2014
Police Captain Ronald Jackson 12/19/2014
Deputy Director Patrick D. Murphy 12/23/2014
Deputy Sheriff Patricia Bracken 12/28/2014
Correctional Officer Charles R. Jarvis 01/04/2015
Deputy Sheriff Louis T. Cascarano 01/24/2015
Assistant Chief Richard G. Attreau 01/30/2015
Correctional Officer Robert F. Murphy 02/02/2015
Correctional Officer Natalie J. Halpern 02/09/2015
Investigator Quoterral Parks 02/12/2015
Correctional Officer / Canine Specialist Michael J. Vanderploeg 02/20/2015
Correctional Officer Edgar Springfield 03/18/2015
Correctional Officer Bruce Edwards 03/19/2015
Deputy Sheriff Loretta A. Collins 03/24/2015
Deputy Sheriff Dailey Walker 03/26/2015
Deputy Sheriff John Aguilera 03/31/2015
Deputy Sheriff II Stephen V. Maurizi 04/05/2015
Correctional Officer John H. Jones 04/26/2015
Correctional Officer Gerald A. Hill 04/28/2015
Correctional Officer Jean S. Jackson 05/06/2015
Deputy Sheriff Frank Nasca 05/14/2015
Deputy Sheriff Henry Sotomayer 05/22/2015
Correctional Sergeant Melvee A. Hartsfield, Jr. 06/11/2015
Deputy Sheriff Donald Hargrave 06/12/2015
Officer Mark D. Maskos 06/19/2015
Deputy Sheriff Pat J. Malone 06/21/2015
Correctional Officer Mile R. Ostojic 07/01/2015
Correctional Officer Quentin A. Bunn 07/07/2015
Deputy Sheriff Frederick Pennix, Sr. 07/20/2015
Deputy Sheriff D2B Joseph J. Bennett 08/17/2015
Officer Donald T. Konley 08/23/2015
Deputy Sheriff II Joseph F. Bronge, III 09/13/2015
Deputy Sheriff Edwin Amundsen 09/20/2015
Correctional Officer Michael C. Raines 10/08/2015
Police Officer James (Jimmy) Howze 10/12/2015
Sergeant Isaac Ellis, Sr. 10/23/2015
Deputy Sheriff II Michael T. Carbone 10/25/2015
Correctional Sergeant William Johnson 11/01/2015
Deputy Sheriff II Gregg S. Bartecki 11/06/2015
Superintendent Earl B. Greer 11/12/2015
Deputy Sheriff Keith Whitney 11/13/2015
Deputy Sheriff J. I. Washington 12/08/2015
Police Officer Lawrence Richardson 12/09/2015
Correctional Officer Marcus White 01/12/2016
Correctional Officer Charmaine Ollins 02/18/2016
Correctional Officer Vito Zaccaro 03/03/2016
Correctional Officer Cecil Bowen 03/04/2016
Correctional Officer Joseph N. Hicks 03/23/2016
Correctional Officer Derrell D. Runyon 05/14/2016
Correctional Officer Earnestine Norman 05/16/2016
Correctional Officer Ira A. Cotton 05/19/2016
Correctional Lieutenant Phillip Morris, Sr. 10/31/2016
Deputy Sheriff Frank A. Gallichio 11/04/2016
Captain J. John Zurek 11/14/2016
Deputy Sheriff John Kong, Jr. 11/18/2016
Captain Frank Griffin 12/17/2016
Deputy Sheriff Michael J. Palomino 01/13/2017
Officer John Marshall 01/21/2017
Deputy Sheriff Craig Lantz 01/28/2017
Correctional Officer Brian Randall 02/04/2017
Correctional Officer Anthony Mikutis 02/16/2017

The Cook County Sheriff's Memorial Foundation is a recognized IRS 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.